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  • Macaws Express Sightseeing

    We start our adventure with the reception at the airport or bus terminal. Then we head to our sales office to make your registration. After this we drive to our lodge by car to our starting point on the river.

    Then we go on a boat to get to the place where we start the initial hike. Upon arrival we eat lunch, and then we start our program with a walk until we reach the Collpa of Mammals. At night we go on another hike in search of tarantulas, insects, birds and nocturnal monkeys.

  • Macaws Extended Sightseeing

    We do everything included on the Macaws Express Sightseeing plus an extra day for:

    • Kayaking along the Tambopata River and another hike on the Amazon jungle at night to explore more amazing animals.
  • Macaws & Lake Tour

    We do everything in the Macaws Extended Sightseeing plus two extra days for:

    • 3KM hike toward Sandoval Lake that includes a row boat expedition to explore a great variety of birds and monkeys of different species
    • A night hike to appreciate the diversity of insect species, amphibians, reptiles and other nocturnal animals
    • A walk into the Canopy walk-way to appreciate nature from a higher perspective. It is an incredible experience from over 30 meters high
  • Macaws Deep Expedition

    We do everything in the Macaws & Lake Tour plus an extra day for:

    • A nighttime white Alligator tour that are usually on the sand banks, in the Madre de Dios river
    • See the Capybara the largest rodent in the world, which can weigh 60 kilos