Sandoval Lake – Tambopata

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Considered the most beautiful Lake of the peruvian amazon and boast of its reputation. Despite of being close to Puerto Maldonado, it is inside the Tambopata National Reserve and adjacent to the Bahuaja Sonene National Park. This Lake gives an excellent experience of the amazon and wildlife. If you travel to Puerto Maldonado you should visit it. Carlos Expeditions offers daily tours.

sandoval lakeWe can accede to this sandoval Lake by a trail of 3.5 km long that crosses secondary forests where many birds, monkeys and a very big variety of butterflies can be seen. As for the flora, the huge trees will astonish us, trees that have thousand years such as the kapok tree, the brazil nut tree, cedar Wood and many more which offer rufuge to many animals, making balance between the flora and fauna of the peruvian amazon. The Sandoval Lake is a pristine horseshoe lake where many species of animals such as giant river otters, black caimans, sandoval lake - giant river ottertortoises, monkeys and more live in. It is located at 20 minutes of Puerto Maldonado, inside the Tambopata National Reserve. This is one of the favorite tours for those people that go Sightseeing in the amazon. While touring it is posible to see the 90%, of the flora and fauna of our amazon rainforest.

sandoval lake - red howler monkeyThe tour guides row close to the shores of the sandoval Lake looking for caimans, birds and many more species that live in this part of the jungle.

We give you a good choise of lodging, this is  MONTE AMAZÓNICO lodge, Puerto Maldonado,  located at 20 minutes of trip by boat  at the shore of the river.

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