Chuncho Clay Lick

Chuncho Clay Lick, Describing the sight


“Without doubt, the most breathtaking sight that Carlos Expeditions has is the Chuncho Clay Lick. Clay Lick is, essentially, a light orange forest of clay formed due to the river’s erosion.”

Chuncho Clay LickAnimals in many places of Peru depend on the clay. The clay contains an important source of salt that allows to neutralize the heartburn and also to reduce its PH, this animal behavior is called  geophagy.

Every day, in the morning, a great diversity of species gathers in big numbers to feed on this clay. The first in arrive to the Chuncho clay lick always are the yellow headed parrot. Then they are followed by hundreds of blue headed parrots. These are, without any doubt, the most alerts to threats of any predator. When they identify the predator, they quickly jump from the clay and start flying away from there and are followed by the rest of the flock, making so an incomparable show when they leave the clay lick. We can hear the amazing sound they make, it is a concert that nature gives us, and is the most amazing thing.

It is very common that the false alarm about the sight of any predator happens; in that case they quickly return to the clay lick. Most of the cases, in company of big flocks of green parrots, whose sounds can be compared with an alien!

Chuncho Clay LickThe last species on visiting the clay lick are of course the stars of the “party”, the macaws. The great size of this bird makes the movements slowly than parrots. As they look for the best place in the clay lick, they are able to throw each other to get the best place. Their big wings allow them to have complete rotations which give us a great opportunity to take perfect pictures with the sunset. In a morning, more than 300 birds arrive to the Chuncho clay lick.

If this show cannot be better, there is always a chance to be! The great number of birds occasionally attracts predators. Falcons and eagles are the most known for attacking from the air, while jaguars, ocelots and monkeys have been seen jumping from the top of the clay lick to catch them, come and enjoy the nature with us, and do not forget to leave your comment…



TambopataPeruvian Jungle… Unforgettable days in paradise

The Tambopata Peruvian Jungle…

Few hours after my trip in the Peruvian Jungle. Today I want to remember my stay in Monte Amazonico Lodge, a beautiful lodge in the jungle located at many kilometers from Puerto Maldonado city.

ciudad estresanteEvery time I am in a faraway place, I remember this phrase: “Perfect my friend, while you wake up with the alarms and the traffic noises of the Capital and hurry to leave stressed today Monday, quickly to your office” so there I add: The wonder of waking me up lullabied by birds, insects and red howler monkeys sounds plus the rain: an incomparable symphony that few ears would be able to hear and enjoy.

There were 4 days in the tambopata Peruvian Jungle, in a non-glassed room, with an open balcony to the jungle; I slept covered for a roof and a musketeer. At 10:00 p.m. the light was turned off and we stayed surrounded by a huge darkness, a huge darkness that in particular wouldn’t create fear but peace instead. Waking up very early with the first sun light to start the walks in the jungle was something that I think, should be a life style and not just a phase.

What I enjoyed most of my trip to the Peruvian jungle was to have visited the macaw clay lick where many macaws go to eat the clay (Feeding). That day was unforgettable, not only because I have seen those colorful and beautiful birds, but also because that day the nature taught me to “See” beyond my eyes.

tambopata Peruvian Jungle 2That Wednesday we woke up very early, at 5:00 a.m. approximately to do the walks to the clay lick where there is a kind of viewpoint (a bungalow where we would be camouflaged), we already walked for 20 minutes approximately, we downed a wooded stair in groups; with the expectation, I felt like the branches of the trees were making hurray to get where I had to: the viewpoint, and so it was, we arrived early to that kind of bungalow with some holes on it where we could “spy” the macaws. We were very quiet waiting for them for about 20 minutes, desperate for seeing those mented birds, I didn’t stop asking. Silence¡¡ said the guide and that moment we heard the sounds of a group of those beautiful birds coming to us (Clay lick), the first “actors” were the parakeets, then the colorful macaws,   an amazing show, I have no words to describe this natural phenomenon, I just can say that it exceeded my expectations, and the waiting was worthwhile.

After the sighting, the guide took us back by the same way, but this time to the Canopy walk Way, I had some difficulties to walk, but I had to. Once in front of that tower with more than 30 meters high, we had to climb it, step by step and I said: ¡What a nuisance! With the pain in my knees and the instep grazing the oilcloth I had to climb, I did it slowly but           I did. And from the top, the climax: the most beautiful views of the tambopata Peruvian jungle, collection of intact rainforest close to the river. The sun came out and started burning, and some shy birds started coming out and between the top of the trees: macaws, falcons, parakeets and monkeys. I got excellent pictures of macaws and unforgettable images of the Peruvian jungle that will last forever in my mind and in my heart. When I went up the canopy walk way I felt like a bird, flying over the green rug of the trees, noble and generous spirits.

tambopata Peruvian JungleI didn’t want to go down, unfortunately I had to, with pain and this time not only physically but also of the soul, I thought: Will I see them again?:   “We were used to this, but everything has its beginning and its end, some of them last more time, other less and when it is time to leave, it is time to leave, always taking a memory in the heart of the peruvian jungle”. And we had to go down. Take the same way back and get lost between the same trees I saw since the sky, but from a different perspective.

Walking by the trails we had the opportunity to find with a family of howler monkeys, they were watching us from the trees. This situation was very funny, we from the ground were watching them and taking some pictures, we were watching them, they were watching us… Who was watching each other? Who was the curious?  I asked myself: How do they feel? What strange human beings, look at them! Were they or we saying it…  after all this amazing experience, I was slowly getting away from the tambopata Peruvian jungle, from a paradise that I had the privilege to visit…