Another biodiversity gem

Situated in the south-east region of Peru, Tambopata National Reserve has become one of the most popular wildlife destination for nature lovers. This reserve has over 678,000 acres (274000 hectares) and is one of the most popular amongst travelers in the Amazon Basin in Peru. It is, perhaps, one of the most biodiverse spots on Earth, since it is home to 632 species of birds, 1200 species of butterflies, 103 of amphibians, 180 species of fish, 169 of mammals and 103 of reptilian species, a huge amount of living species within a reasonably small space. Lake Sandoval, the most visited spot within the reserve, is the home to one of the few otter families in this region and getting to see them while they are fishing in the lake is one experience that will remain for ever in the visitor’s mind. La castaña, (Brazil nut) is one of the biggest trees in the Amazon rain forest and it can only be found in this reserve in Peru and it is part of the 1217 plant species at Tambopata.

Los aguajales are groups of a type of a native palm tree, a rich ecosystem, with its own small lakes or water streams, a perfect place for spotting macaws and caimans. Anacondas, otters, caimans, tapirs, capybaras, monkeys, squirrels, birds and insects are some of the most spotted animals during a visit to this true gem of biodiversity and the best time to do it is all the way from late April through late November as this is during the dry season in the Amazon rain forest. There is a wide supply for tourist accommodation at Tambopata National Reserve, ranging from high-end lodges to basic ones, and they all have a program that will suit most travelers needs.

Puerto Maldonado is the largest city near Tambopata National Reserve and getting there should not be a problem as it can be easily reached by bus if you are on a budget; from Cusco or Puno on a 10-hour ride in comfortable coaches with air conditioning and reclinable seats or if you prefer flying you can do so from Lima or Cusco, there are 3 air companies flying on a daily basis, it takes about 3 hours flying from Lima with a stopover in Cusco and it takes 35 minutes only from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado. Dare yourself by visiting this amazing place and treat yourself by just being there!


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