Biodiversity is the word that close on many things that Puerto Maldonado has; vast forests, huge rivers and a big variety of animals and vegetation. Its capital, Puerto Maldonado is a necessary stop throughout the trail to the National Parks and National Reserves located in the area to get the entrance fee and the authorizations. Years ago Madre de Dios was an important place in rubber, Wood, gold and petroleum export; nowadays the ecoturism and brazil nut extraction are the main economic activities in this region.

Puerto MaldonadoAt 10 km aproximately from Puerto Maldonado and 1 hour and a half walking, you will find the Saldoval Lake, sorrounded of aguaje palm trees, orchids, kapok trees, mahogani and many more palm trees with more than 30 meters high. The Lake is home of a vast variety of animals such as parrots, macaws, toucans, egrets, tortoises, tapirs and is refuge of black caimans and the giant river otter, both indangered species.

At 60 km from Puerto Maldonado by the Madre de Dios River is located the Valencia Lake, around this Lake there are many Native Communities. These natives are good fishers and depend on this activity, they usually catch tiger catfishes and pirarucus. This area is also full of flora and fauna.

One of the most important National Parks  around the world is the Manu National Park with 1,716,295 hectares, located in the Cusco and Madre de Dios region. This Park protects more than 800 species of birds, 200 species of mammals, huge trees and is home of many native communities. This Park owns the World Record in Birdwatching in a specific place in just 1 day, with 324 species.

Another National Park is the Tambopata – Candamo National Park with 274,690 hectares, which is knwon for having more diversity of mammals, trees, insects and birds around the world, also for owning the World Record of butterfly species.

But the Tambopata – Candamo and Manu National Park are not the only ones, the Bahuaja – Sonene National Park with 1,091,416 hectares is the third Park in this area, which owns the only tropical savanna in Peru. In this area two endemic species live, the Maned Wolf and the Marsh Deer, also the giant otter, the short eared dog, the black caiman, the anteater and the harpy Eagle.

Useful Information

Puerto Maldonado (183 masl).

Minimun: 183 masl (Puerto Maldonado).
Maximum: 500 masl (Boca Manu).

Puerto Maldonado city has a warm and  humid weather (Tropical weather). Te máximum weather  average is 26ºC (77ºF) and the minimum is 8ºC (24ºF). The rainy season is from December to March.

Ways to Get:
Terrestrial: Lima-Arequipa-Cusco-Puerto Maldonado: 2180 km
(51 hours by bus).
Lima-Nasca-Abancay-Cusco-Puerto Maldonado: 1621 km
(49 hours by bus).
Cusco-Puerto Maldonado: 527 km (30 hours by bus).
Aereal Flights from Lima (1 hour and a half) and Cusco (30 minutes).

Salvación (Manu District) / 1 hour to Puerto – Laberinto by bus and 3 days by motor boat.
Iñapari (Tahuamanu District) 244 km / 4 hours by car.

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