Tambopata River

The Tambopata River crosses the Tambopata Reserve from East to West, giving you the opportunity to visit many attractive places while touring. The Andean side of the River until the confluence with the Malinowski River is called Upper Tambopata River.

The Upper Tambopata River

 tambopata reserve

The Tambopata River springs from the snowy hills on the 3.900 meters that covers the Peruvian – Bolivian High Andean in the coordinates (14°28′44″S 69°1′23″O) in La Paz department. This River goes over 66 kilometers through Bolivian territory until the coordinates ( 13°53′08″S 68°58′38″O) where forms the border between Peru and Bolivia in a distance of 58 kilometers until the attendance of the Colorado River where gets into Peruvian territory. In its beginning descent to the Amazon plain, forms cascades when it passes through deep valleys and canyons.

Under the 3.000 meters this River impales a tropical ecosystem that usually is covered by clouds, known as the  misty forest.  When it gets to the Amazon plain.

In its run, the Tambopata River crosses the Tambopata Reserve. Here we can find the Candamo Region and the biggest Macaw clay licks (Chuncho and Colorado). It is a really paradise for birdwatchers and wildlife lovers.

While the River passes, we can see many attractive places; the water is crystal clear, and the shores have beaches that make the Sightseeing of flora and fauna easier.

The closeness to the Andean Mountain range, the loneliness impression due to the lack of close towns and permanent people, contributes to have a great biodiversity, the  greatest existing around the world.

The Lower Tambopata River

Under the 500 m, the elevation of the jungle gets into the rainforest and the Tambopata River is a quiet, vast and winding River inside theTambopata Reserve. It is located between the Malinowski and Madre de Dios River in Puerto Maldonado (Capital of the Madre de Dios Region, with 40.000 inhabitants aproximately), in this sector the Tambopata River shows developed winding paths that are in favor of lake formations loaded in wildlife of both sides and the main are:

»  Tres Chimbadas Lake
»  Cocococha Lake
»  Sachavacayoc Lake
»  Condenado Lake

Lodging in the Jungle

» Monte Amazonico  Lodge in tambopata reserve

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