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How can you confirm the reservation?2019-03-22T23:37:12-05:00

The reservation can be confirmed with a deposit of $ 100.00 USD and the remaining amount can be paid upon arrival.

What days are the excursions made?2019-03-22T23:37:55-05:00

We have daily departures, including holidays and holidays

I made the reservation and made the payment, does that confirm the completion of the tour?2019-03-22T23:41:11-05:00

Exactly, after you make the payment, we immediately issue a service voucher in your favor.

I want to do the tour a day and time that is not available in the calendar, is it possible?2019-03-22T23:41:51-05:00

Yes, of course, we have daily departures including Sundays and holidays.

What happens if I arrive late to the meeting point to make the tour?2019-03-22T23:42:45-05:00

In that case we would have to wait for the next closest exit (this can take a couple of hours).

Are all tours and visits adapted to people with reduced mobility or special needs?2019-03-22T23:43:22-05:00

Some, those that do not require physical effort

We want to do the tour the same day we arrived at the airport. Can you pick us up there?2019-03-22T23:44:03-05:00

Of course, yes, in this case you would have to inform us at least a few hours before your arrival and we will wait for you at the airport.

How far in advance should reservations be made?2019-03-22T23:44:45-05:00

Reservations are usually made 02 days before arrival.

Is it possible to make a reservation and pay for the tour at the destination?2019-03-22T23:45:24-05:00

Yes, of course, you can pay at our main office upon arrival in cash or by credit or debit card.

With what payment method can reservations be made?2019-03-22T23:45:59-05:00

Payments can be made with transfers to our account or via PayPal.

I have paid with PayPal and I have been overcharged. Why is this?2019-03-22T23:47:20-05:00

PayPal usually makes a small transaction to verify the validity of the cards. This transaction is usually not greater than 1 euro or 1 dollar, and it is reimbursed immediately. For more information contact PayPal directly.

Can the day and time of the tours be modified? How do we do it?2019-03-22T23:48:01-05:00

Yes, it can be modified with an anticipation of at least one day.

How is the cancellation of a tour made?2019-03-22T23:48:38-05:00

The cancellation of the reservation in some cases has a certain charge:

Cancellations made 3 to 5 days before the arrival date a fee of $ 60.00 USD applies.
Cancellations made 0 to 2 days before the arrival date will be charged a $ 100 USD fee.

I need to contact urgently how do I do it?2019-03-22T23:49:16-05:00

Our numbers are the following:

Nancy (Operations Manager): +51 987592518
Mobile Office: +51 914126312
Office landline: +51 082571320

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